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These unpredictable times has definitely taken its toll on most of us, especially those in the travel industry. With a global reduction in travel demand, aviation companies are forced to slow down operations and the inevitable, downsize.

The Australian industry has been hit hard with borders closing to interstate and overseas travel, and the unfortunate events underway at Virgin Australia. This has left many Pilots searching for alternate means of income while trying to maintain the passion for aviation. The General Aviation sector also took a hit as there are a large number of tourism operators around Australia without the demand.

Brief History

The Pilot Jobs website was started over a year ago with hopes of being a source dedicated to Pilot Employment in Australia as the aviation market started to boom. At the time, airlines were on a hiring frenzy which kept the Pilot job market fresh and full of opportunities. Qantaslink and Rex were hiring straight out of GA which meant jobs were opening in the GA sector at an alarming rate. The major airlines started ordering larger jets which means that there is a large demand for pilots in the future.

Other than the Australian Federation for Air Pilots dedicated Pilot jobs page, we were lacking a focused source where we can be more in touch with our career path than sending off an email without knowing much about what’s happening. Our mission was to change the way Pilots and operators communicated.

New Website Portal

With a bit of slowdown in the market, we thought that this would be the best opportunity to revamp the website, making it more user-friendly and with purpose. We have gone from the ‘newspaper’ approach and made it so that both Pilots and operators have a platform that they can manage and interact with.

Features for Pilots

We have listed to what Pilots are looking for in their job search which is similar to what the mining industry has been successfully using for years. The portal allows you to create an account and upload your resume and details. You can follow companies, set job alerts, apply directly in the portal and be updated on the status of your application. Internal messaging gives you a direct link to the employer.

Another cool feature is that employers can view your profile and resumes before posting a job and you may even be contacted before applying! That’s the hope at least.

We have also added a feature to allow you to block certain companies from viewing your profile. This is good if you do not want your current employer to see that you’re on the hunt. You can bookmark jobs, follow companies and receive job suggestions based on your profile.


What’s Next?

For now we have ‘soft’ released the website and will continue working on it. Hopefully we can work with the Pilots first before really getting operators involved. The website is absolutely FREE for both employers and candidates so we are hoping for a widespread adaptation of the website and features.

If there are any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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